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ROH-01 Calibration Certificate CE
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G9306 RCD/ELCB Tester

The Gazelle G9306 is designed to perform quick checks of your RCD/ELCB Tester. Whether you are doing a testing & commissioning of a newly installed electrical panel, a routine check or a preventive maintenance of an existing panel, the G9306 RCD/ELCB Tester is the perfect instrument for you.

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  • Lock measurement
  • Lead sequence check with 3 LED indication lights
  • Phase angle selection (0°and 180°), can detect the fastest trigger time
  • AUTO RAMP measurement, trip current and real-time display

Techinal Details

Specifications Range/Accuracy
Measurement - X 1/2 10mA/20mA/30mA/100mA/300mA/500mA
Measurement - X 1 10mA/20mA/30mA/100mA/300mA/ 500mA
1000ms / 300ms
Measurement - X 5 10mA/20mA/30mA
AUTO RAMP 10mA/20mA/30mA/100mA/300mA/500mA
Trip Current Accuracy ±10
Trip Time Accuracy ±(0.6%+4)
Trip Time Resolution 1ms
Operational Voltage (Freq.) 195V~253V (50Hz)


ROH-01 Calibration Certificate CE
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