Innovative Jobsite Solutions

Operation Safety

  • Always wear impact-resistant safety glasses or eye shields when using any coated abrasive.
  • Operators using machine or tool-mounted coated abrasives should wear dust masks, aprons, arm guards, gloves, hearing protection and safety shoes as is necessary to ensure safe use.
  • Most dusts generated when grinding are from the material being ground. Excessive dust inhalation may affect the breathing function. To avoid potential respiratory impairment, always use proper ventilation controls and other protective measures to the materials being ground.
  • If a machine/tool is design for or equipped with guards, it should not be operated without the guards properly installed into place.
  • All machine/tool adjustments and abrasive product installation and removal should be done with the power service in the off position.
  • Coated abrasive back-up pad systems should be rated equal to or greater than the maximum no-load speed of the machine/tool. Refer to maximum RPM ratings as marked by the manufacturer.
  • Coated abrasive discs requiring back-up pad systems should always be like-sized.