Innovative Jobsite Solutions

Step Ladder Safety

  • Ensure stepladders are positioned on level ground and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Do not carry out makeshift repairs to a damaged ladder.
  • Make sure all four feet of the ladder are on a firm, dry, level surface.
  • Be sure to clear the ground area around the ladder before climbing.
  • Check the ladder carefully for any cracks or loose pieces.
  • Only use stepladders ladders in a fully open position. Lock the side braces and cross braces before climbing.
  • Do not use a stepladder as a straight ladder in a folded and leaning position.
  • Always wear proper footwear with good tread when climbing.
  • Do not stand on the top two steps of the ladder unless they are designed for standing
  • Watch for people working under or around the ladder.
  • Keep your body centered on the middle of the ladder.
  • Do not lean to reach items while standing on the ladder.
  • Get someone to assist you when working with a ladder.
  • Avoid lifting or carrying any heavy items while climbing up or down the ladder.
  • Do not use stepladders to support work platforms.
  • Never use a metal stepladder where an electrical hazard exists