Innovative Jobsite Solutions

Maintenance and Inspection

A pre-use check should be carried out:

  •  At the beginning of the working day and after something has changed,
  • Prior to each use check ladders for damage or missing components.
  • Check that ladder stiles/rungs/treads are straight.
  • Check spreaders are in good order.
  • Check for loose or missing bolts or rivets.
  • Check ladder feet for excessive wear.
  • Check that the ladder is free from dust, water, grease and corrosion.
  • Store ladders in a dry, covered location.
  • Check ropes are not fraying and are securely attached.
  • Clean a ladder with mild soapy water and ensure it is dry prior to use.
  • If a ladder does have any defects take it out of service immediately. Either send it to a ladder repairer or destroy the ladder so it cannot be used and replace it.
  • Exposure to excessive heat may weaken a ladder. Have the ladder checked by a competent person
  • If the ladder has sustained a blow or impact carefully check the ladder for defects prior to next use.