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DP25 Drum Picker 250 kgs Capacity

TypeLoad Capacity
Drum Picker450 kgs
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  • Pollution-free and motorless hydraulic material handling device
  • Compact and easy to operate, these flexible units are appropriate for factories, workshops, warehouses and anyplace where there's work to be done
  • Compact design, flexible operation and highly effective claw
  • Easy to move with two big size rollers and one caster wheel
  • Spring-loaded steel jaws securely grip the top lip of the drum
  • Straddle leg makes it easy to pick up a drum from a pallet

Techinal Details

Features Size / Details
Type Drum Picker
Lifting Capacity 250 Kgs
Lifting Height 280 Mm
Drum Diameter 572 Mm
Drum Length 915 Mm
Weight 40 Kgs