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OSA Certification ( Abrasives)
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GMC7 Metal Cutting Wheel 7″

Gazelle cutting wheels are pre-engineered to produce the most versatile wheel performance. They are engineered to give you optimum to premium performance in all cutting applications ranging from Production to maintenance.

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  • Reinforced Cut-Off Wheels
  • Designed to resist breakage caused by severe cross-bending.
  • A reinforced wheel is required on any operation where the work is not securely clamped.
  • OSA certified products adhering to European safety standards

Techinal Details

Specification A30S - BF
Size Mm 180 x 3 x 22 Mm
Size Inch 7” x 1/8” x 7/8” In.
Speed 8600 RPM


OSA Certification ( Abrasives)
Where to buy